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Having passed to the second generation, Avra ​​hotel now marks 25 years of family history and dedication to the demanding and yet fascinating area of ​​tourism. Our contact with the world and our willingness to know new cultures are core values ​​with which our business operates as the satisfied customer is a personal concern to us. Our goal is to offer high quality accommodation and for this reason we have invested in renovating the space with great detail in order for our customers to enjoy even better services.


high quality accommodation

Be inspired by the aura of tradition and luxury that our space offers, be enchanted by the blue sea that stretches in front of our sunny terrace and start your journey to discover the visible and hidden beauty of our island. Avra Hotel is here to inspire you on your every journey.Let the sunset guide your feelings and bring you closer to yourself.. Giorgos and Maria will be happy to welcome you to their place for a unique hospitality experience.

our location

The traditional town of Mykonos is just 1 kilometer away, ideal for those who want to visit it but choose to stay away from the city’s sounds. Our location is suitable for history lovers who want to visit the sunny Delos by boat, an island of world archaeological interest. Offer yourself the experience of staying in an area that exudes its nautical history, at a hotel by the sea.. Mykonos is here and the Avra hotel is waiting to host you.

our Island

The island is best suited for nautical activities, giving the visitor the opportunity to meet the underwater world of Mykonos, to enjoy and learn numerous water sports and to experience the unique surrounding, of this and other islands as well, by boat under the Cycladic sunset. In Mykonos the day begins and ends with the sunrise, giving it the identity of the liveliest island of the Cyclades.

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